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Congratulation to SGA Member,  Larry Hirsh and his new book called:  


Golf Property Analysis and Valuation: A Modern Approach  an authoritative reference on the economics of golf courses and their appropriate valuation that will be useful to appraisers, attorneys, lenders, tax assessors, golf course developers and managers, market participants, and other real estate and golf professionals.  


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Today more appraisers are valuing golf properties and bringing sophisticated new methodology to the market and appraisal practice. Golf Property Analysis and Valuation provides the most current information available on the economics and valuation of golf courses and clubs and will help appraisers update their understanding of these complex properties.  The text examines

  • Different market segments for golf properties
  • Types, styles, and layouts of golf courses
  • Other design considerations
  • Various ownership and management structures
  • Different methods of valuing golf properties
  • Common problems encountered by appraisers

In the News -  September 2017


SGA MemberDavid Pope of Hotel & Club Associates was a featured speaker at the North Carolina Department of Revenue’s

2017 Advance Personal & Real Property Seminars on the Valuation of Conservation Easements, for more information click on:


 SPEAK at the


80th Annual International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) International Conference on Assessment Administration

The Gold Standard for 80 Years


Join Us, Tuesday, August 26

3:00pm - 4:30pm


Avoid the Hazards: Challenges

of Golf Course & Club Valuation


Doug Main, SGA, ASA, CRE, CCIM, MAI,



Marty Benson, MAI, SGA,

Benson Realty Advisors


Ron Carciere, MAI, SGA,

Golf Course Appraisal





Appraisal Institute Conference,

Austin, Texas

Tuesday, August 5, 2014 - 4-6 pm, Room 406

Lifestyle Properties: Going-Concern &

Allocation Valuation Issues


  • Ron Carciere, SGA, Partner, Golf Course Appraisal, Inc. & Golf Market Advisors
  • Douglas Main, SGA, Director, Deloitte Transactions and Business Analytics, LLP

  • Gerald Teel, SGA, Senior Managing Director, Valbridge Property Advisors, Links & Land


Finishing with an Ace                                         


Tuesday, August 5, 2014 - 10:30 am - 12:30 pm, Room 406

The Future of Appraisal Specialization


  • Ron Carciere, SGA, Partner, Golf Course Appraisal, Inc. & Golf Market Advisors
  • Larry Hirsh, SGA, President, Golf Property Analysts

  • Douglas Main, SGA, Director, Deloitte Transactions and Business Analytics, LLP



    The SGA is recognized as the nation’s leading non-profit organization offering golf advisory, consulting and valuation services.  SGA members deliver professional independent and objective market intelligence, “real time” industry insight, responsiveness, and sound advice & opinions.  SGA membership is synonymous with professionalism and integrity.  Through the integration of its members, the SGA offers comprehensive advisory, consulting and valuation related service and analysis unmatched in the industry. The SGA endeavors to provide comprehensive resources, education programs and services to the golf business.

    SGA members are qualified practitioners who have earned one of the industry’s preeminent professional designations. Utilizing both analytical and quantitative techniques, SGA members take pride in problem solving, providing access to needed resources, and robust industry knowledge.Our membership offers professional services to owners and operators of existing and proposed golf facilities across the globe.

     Golf club selection is critical to a complete and successful game. The SGA believes this is also true in the selection of a professional service provider. The SGA members have demonstrated an in-depth competence and experience of the business side of the golf, club & related lifestyle industries.    The SGA works closely with many of the industry’s leading golf organizations, golf architects, developers, owners and operators, planning firms, financial institutions as well as tourism and golf bodies and governmental organizations. 


The SGA is a proud supporting partner (click here for more information) of the 2014 Golf Industry Show & NGCOA Annual Conference, Orlando, FL (February 3th to 6th), SGA will be an active supporting partner of Golf Industry Show.  The SGA and its membership will offer seminars and other activities during the Show.  We hope you can participate and please stop by the SGA Booth (#2473) and talk directly with SGA experts.

THE GOLF INDUSTRY SHOW: The SGA - Visit us at Booth: #2473


Wednesday, February 5 – 10:00 – 11:30 am:

Links 9-1-1, an Investment &Operational Rescue

    Larry Hirsh, SGA - President, Golf Property Analysts

    Terry Oetzel, SGA - President, Valbridge Property Advisors

    Doug Main, SGA -  Director, Deloitte DTBA  – Golf & Lifestyle Advisory

    Ron Carciere, SGA - President, Golf Course Appraisal




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